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Top weights in handicaps – there is an old saying that they don’t give weight to donkeys and it seems that the horse carrying number one wins more often than its fair percentage. On better ground where the weight may not slow them down quite as much they should never be ignored. When a trainer is in red hot form step in to the breach and gamble away please – it is amazing how often winners follow winners once a yard hits form and although the prices can be lower than you may expect as Joe Public does the same, winners are always good news regardless.


Never, ever give in to the temptation to buy your own dog. Just don’t do it. It may seem like an unbeatable plan: to form a syndicate, take your mates to the races, order scampi and champagne, and make like Vinnie Jones – but, it’s a very bad idea indeed. However tough you are – you’ll be ripped off.


The seller, the trainer and the bookies can all see you coming a mile off, the dog’s got a cat’s chance in Cruft’s of winning a major race and any cash he does earn will barely cover half the price of his daily steak.’ Greyhound owner Mary Wakefield warns against emulating her.