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Kate Miller promoted the Greyhound Derby for two years in her role as the public relations voice of sponsoring bookies, Blue Square. Now in a similar role with William Hill, she comes from a family steeped in bookmaking and greyhound lore and contributes the pick of her dog punting philosophy. Watch for the weather – As a general rule you should ‘Wager wides when it rains and railers when it rays’.


Wet weather assists dogs drawn in traps whilst counting against them and towards dogs when warm. Additionally, if the weather is freezing, the track will have been salted and this can also provide a wide bias. Watch out for a bitch in form and keep backing her until she loses. She won’t need flowers to keep her sweet either. Another tip with female greyhounds is to look for when they last had a season.


Count back the weeks since her season (it will state in the racecard) At around 16 weeks afterwards she’ll be reaching her peak. Have a look at your dog on parade. The late Gordon Hodson – who trained for the Duke of Edinburgh firmly belived that your greyhound should look like his or her mind is on the game. They should be alert, eyes bright, a good shiny coat, and concentrating on the traps ahead.